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Conferences and fairs on homeopathy

Speakers : homeopaths, therapists, researchers

Schmidt-Nagel conferences

In keeping with its strategy of promoting homeopathy, the Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory has set up a bi-annual conference programme.

The purpose of these conferences, organized throughout Switzerland, is to bring together a passionate audience of doctors, homeopaths and practitioners around a series of topics carefully selected and prepared by the lecturers, who present their research or case studies taken from their own clinical practice.

The speakers we invite to our conferences be they homeopaths, therapists or researchers, are all experts in their field of activity. The Drs Didier Grandgeorge, Agnès Flour, Bernard Vial, to mention only a few, all lecture regularly.

Fairs, national and international conferences

The Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory regularly participates in events related to homeopathy, in the national sphere as well as the international:

  • LIGA
  • Lausanne
  • Tisana