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The prevalence of homeopathy in the world

The practice of homeopathy varies greatly from one area of the globe to another, depending on each country’s heritage. Historically, homeopathy developed mostly in Europe (England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium) and North America (United States and Canada). In these countries, homeopathy is taught in universities (with some schools entirely devoted to the field) and used even in hospitals. It should be noted that the use of homeopathy is more common with an educated public that is health conscious and open to natural practices, more generally found in developed countries with a higher rate of education.

Nevertheless, a significant evolution towards the practice of homeopathy can currently be observed in three countries with rapidly emerging economies: India, Brazil and Mexico. The structure of the health care system in these countries increasingly allows for both homeopathy and natural medicine, particularly in India, where homeopathy is becoming a major practice:

Gandhi greatly contributed to the development of homeopathy in India, where there are currently over 300’000 homeopathic practitioners.

Brazilians are very familiar with homeopathy, which has become a medical speciality there and is often prescribed by doctors. More and more people rely solely on homeopathy for their health.

The expansion of the practice of homeopathy seems inevitable, especially when it is integrated with allopathic medicine rather than being pursued dogmatically as a rival alternative to conventional treatment.

Following this evolution, we can expect homeopathy to have spread to the entire world within the next 10 years.