homeopathy, natural medicine

What is homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that treats the illness but also its deep cause.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine. It exploits substances from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, which will be diluted and “dynamised” to obtain the final homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy works to address the root causes of disease and health issues. It looks beyond the apparent symptoms to identify the remedy, drawn from among a vast amount of stocks,that will treat the underlying causes.

It takes into account all of an individual’s parameters – physical, psychological, emotional and energetic.

Each individual’s symptoms are unique. Homeopathy treats not only the individual’s sickness but the person as a whole.

This is what makes homeopathy a holistic medicine.

Treating illnesses naturally thanks to homeopathy

When a person wishes to follow a natural treatment method, they can opt for homeopathy. The most reliable approach is then to seek out a homeopath. The practitioner will question the patient extensively, not only on the subject of their illness, but touching on all aspects of their life. The homeopath needs to understand the total symptom pattern as well as their causes.

The strength of the homeopathic approach is its in-depth action on the whole individual. At the same time, it respects all vital functions and causes no side effects.

This distinguishes homeopathy from allopathic medicine, which focuses more directly on treating the consequences of a disease. We believe that these two approaches should be apprehended in their complementarity rather than being opposed.