homeopathy, natural medicine

Schmidt-Nagel homeopathic products’ manufacturing

Stock choice, homeopathic dilution and active ingredient

Our laboratory has developed a set of procedures guaranteeing an excellent impregnation of the homeopathic substances.

The manufacture of our homeopathic remedies complies with the legislation laid down by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. Our laboratory is regularly inspected by the relevant authorities.

We attach great importance to the fact that we operate within the world of the infinitely small and that it is our responsibility to guarantee the energetic and informational quality of our remedies.

Stage 1 : homeopathic stocks selection

The raw or starting material is called the stock; it can be of plant, animal or mineral origin.
This raw material is controlled upon its arrival so as to ensure its quality.

Stage 2 : homeopathic dilution

The stock first goes through a process called attenuation or dilution. The resulting substances make up our dilution library.

Each dilution is then dynamized or potentized in a process called succussion.

  • We offer different types of dilution:
    • Hahnemannian dilutions are made by successive dilutions in separate flasks; they are available as centesimal (CH) or decimal (DH) dilutions.
    • Korsakovian dilutions are made by successive dilutions in a single flask; the most common dilutions are 30K, 200K, MK, XMK, LMK, CMK, DMK, MMK.

Stage 3 : active ingredient incorporation

In the case of homeopathic granules, the final remedy is obtained by impregnating the sucrose carrier with the dilution.

General rules:

  • Homeopathic remedies are available in the following galenic forms:
    • Granules: 3 mm in diameter, 20 granules to the gramme
    • Globules : 1 mm in diameter, 300 globules to the gramme
    • Oral drops: 25° alcohol
    • Suppositories: witepsol excipient
    • Phials: sodium chloride solution
    • Triturations: lactose excipient
  • Both single remedies and complex remedies remedies are available, based either on a single product or on a combination of single remedies.