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What is a Complex homeopathic remedy?

Complex, a mix of several remedies

Complex remedies are combinations of several homeopathic medicines. Such a remedy is therefore not chosen on the basis of the patient’s personality.

For example a mixture of the most common rhinitis remedies may be used to treat a rhinitis.

It is important however to avoid combining too many remedies in a complex, as the active substances might counteract each other. In general not more than 3 substances should be used.

It can be useful to have this type of remedy on hand in case of an emergency before being able to consult a homeopath.

This type of product is readily accessible to the general public. However, since the complex remedy acts on the level of the overall symptoms without rebalancing the patient’s energies, one will generally see a short-term improvement in acute conditions, whereas chronic problems may reappear later on.