Schmidt-Nagel pharmaceutic laboratory

The history of the Schmidt Nagel homeopathic laboratory

A laboratory born from the passion for homeopathy

Tradition and modernity: Homeopathy is based on established clinical experience that is centuries-old, yet it has proven to be one of the most modern forms of medicine around. Founded in 1927, the Schmidt-Nagel laboratory has not only perpetuated its rich legacy, but has constantly invested in the high quality manufacture of its remedies.

The Schmidt-Nagel laboratory was born in 1927 of a passion for homeopathy shared by Doctor Pierre Schmidt, one of the most prominent Swiss homeopaths of the early 20th century, and his pharmacist wife Dora Nagel.

The couple was thoroughly familiar with the works of Hahnemann, Korsakov and Kent, and from the very start worked to perfect the manufacture of homeopathic remedies in an attempt to give credibility to a branch of medicine that was still largely criticised at that time.

High quality homeopathic medicines

Putting aside ideas of industrial and standardised homeopathic preparations, the Schmidt-Nagel laboratory has thus always produced remedies of very high therapeutic and energetic quality, complying with strict protocols and respecting the philosophy of its founders.

handcrafted medicines

Resisting the different schools of thought that have plagued homeopathic medicine, the Schmidt-Nagel laboratory has remained true to the classic Hahnemann approach. The Laboratory manufactures its remedies on a small-scale, artisanal basis, while respecting the good manufacturing practices currently applicable. Both are essential criteria for obtaining a high quality homeopathic remedy.