Schmidt-Nagel pharmaceutic laboratory

Schmidt-Nagel homeopathic product quality

Stocks selection and medicines manufacturing process

Because we are concerned for your health and well-being, we ensure the optimum quality of our preparations.

How are we able to guarantee this?

Homeopathic stock selection

Since the laboratory’s beginnings in 1927, Pierre Schmidt always sought out the best stocks for his dilutions. He set up excursions into the mountains and abroad with other homeopaths in order to find rare plants. His objective wasn’t only to practice medicine in his native Switzerland. With time, he wanted to be able to offer high quality homeopathic stocks worldwide. Today the legislation has changed, and Swiss Medic imposes certain rules upon the acquisition of these raw materials. We pursue our ongoing search for the best stock materials within this new framework.

Selection of our suppliers

We are committed to seeking out suppliers that match our ethical criteria as well as our legislation, while giving priority to Swiss companies. Our suppliers must follow strict GMP standards, and we audit them in order to ensure the quality of their work.

Compliance with good practice

in the manufacturing of homeopathic products enhanced by the proven teachings of Dr Pierre Schmidt.

Production in small quantities of medicines

according to a unique procedure. We pay close attention to avoid energetic cross contamination. Homeopathy being a non-material medicine, energetic quality is essential.