Schmidt-Nagel pharmaceutic laboratory

Schmidt-Nagel laboratory’s team

A team of professionals at the service of your health

In Schmidt-Nagel laboratory there is a team of health professionals, doctors, homeopaths and pharmacists specialised in homeopathic medicine.

Dominique Massotte, who holds a PhD in pharmacy, is the emblematic President of our company, which she has headed since 1983. She continues the legacy of Dr. Pierre Schmidt, whose teachings she received. She now dedicates her time mostly to scientific issues and is committed to collaborating and sharing her knowledge with the homeopathic community. Throughout the years, Dominique Massotte has established a strong and unique business culture based on human values.

Damien Verrier, former president of the Christian Bernard Group, joined the Laboratory in early 2014 as CEO. He brings his energy and experience to strengthen and further develop the company.

Adrien Massotte, a graduate of the Lausanne Hotel Management School (EHL), has joined our team as marketing manager and aims to strengthen and boost the image of the Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory beyond the Swiss borders.

The Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory is a closely-knit, skilled, experienced and motivated team that firmly believes in the benefits of homeopathy and is committed to the company’s values.

Mirroring the company’s business culture, our recruitment criteria are also based on professional and human qualities. With virtually no staff turnover, we enjoy long-term relations with our employees. Regardless of our size or stage of development, the human element always comes first.

Our clients can find these values reflected in their contact with our medical sales representatives. These are experienced homeopaths committed to our identity, true Schmidt-Nagel ambassadors.