treat yourself with homeopathy to stay healthy

Homeopathy is beneficial at all stages of life

Homeopathic treatments for pains and illnesses

One advantage of homeopathy is that it is beneficial at all stages of life, including intra-uterine life.

Alleviate pregnancy pains with homeopathy

Critical stages of life such as pregnancy and birth require treatment that is gentle, holistic, efficient and free of side effects. This naturally leads to homeopathy.

Pregnancy sometimes brings with it different minor ailments which can be very uncomfortable. These can be easily relieved by homeopathy. The most common and benign symptoms appear during the first three months.

Most clinics provide homeopathic treatment as well as midwives with homeopathic training. They accompany the mother during birth and provide her with remedies based on the stage of labour, the types of contraction, the state of the cervix and so on.

Treat nurslings and babies with homeopathy

Once the baby is there, a new life begins

Many paediatricians are specialized in homeopathy. Ideally, the new mother can work towards preserving the harmony of this new life by surrounding herself with therapists who will detect and treat the pathologies encountered during the child’s development.

Homeopathy can alleviate teenage troubles

Adolescence is always a critical period. It is a complex age that is prone to diverse benign events, as well as occasional behavioural problems. Dr Barbancey gave an interesting explanation of this: “Personality and behavioural disorders in children are signifiers of unspoken suffering that is often poorly perceived and identified by the sufferer himself, yet manifest. It is the coded language of one who doesn’t know how to – is unable to – express himself directly and cannot give voice to his discomfort.”

In such cases homeopathy can improve the overall condition on both physical and psychological levels by:

  • Taking the disturbances into consideration;
  • Seeking out the cause throughout the overall diagnostic process ;
  • Taking into consideration the child’s whole biological system;

Since homeopathy is universal, its principles apply to all ages.

The homeopathic medicine can treat chronic illnesses in the adult stage of life

As we move into the adult stage of our lives, we tend to develop more chronic illnesses, especially if we do not remedy to the various recurring pathologies we encounter along the way.

It can therefore be wise, as well as enriching on a personal level, to consult a homeopath who will help us to develop an awareness of problems we might be hiding from ourselves, voluntarily or not. The outcome of the consultation will be to identify the remedy that will help in resolving a particular problem (the pathology) in its entirety (the simillimum).

Elderly people and homeopathy

As we age, we once again become fragile. At the same time we are often “hyper-medicated”, which brings with it a host of side effects. We also start to notice the fatigue inherent to old age. Homeopathy helps in stage of life too, just as it can accompany us serenely on our journey from life to death.

We can only encourage and promote this medical approach that deserves to be taught and practised.