treat yourself with homeopathy to stay healthy

Homeopathy enables the treatment of a wide spectrum of pathologies

Babies Bronchiolities, insomnia, stress, allergies…

Homeopathy’s strength lies in its holism and its ability to address the causes of ailments rather than only their consequences. It enables the treatment of a wide spectrum of pathologies.

Homeopathy can also be complementary in the case of aggressive allopathic treatments, and can, among other things, reduce their side effects.

In the case of acute illnesses (that occur rapidly), it is advisable to start homeopathic treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear.

One of the basic principles of homeopathy, called aetiology, seeks to establish and qualify the circumstances in which the symptoms appeared.

In the case of the common cold, for example, the remedy will be different depending on its causes:

  • Exposure to dry cold
  • Exposure to damp cold (bath, rain, …)
  • Stress
  • Grief, disappointment, anger

Homeopathy addresses a multitude of ailments, sometimes very simply. As a first step, we encourage you to purchase a few books explaining the principles of homeopathy.

Because of its status as a pharmaceutical laboratory, our company is required to observe the legislation on medicinal products such as the simple remedies. We are therefore unable to give any therapeutic indications here, as this would be regarded as advertising.

You may ask your pharmacist for advice, consult a homeopathic practitioner, obtain information from one of the many books available or from trustworthy internet sites, all of which are easily accessible.

We can only point out general guidelines so that you may experience maximum success with this medicine of the future. Its mode of action and the results it achieves can only astonish you.

It is impossible for us to cover all pathologies here. Many books are available for purchase, and you may turn to your doctor or pharmacist for information. Below are some indications on illnesses that can be efficiently treated with a homeopathic remedy.

Bronchiolitis and gastroesophageal reflux in babies

Homeopathy acts immediately and has the advantage of presenting no side effects. In the case of babies, it is also very easy to dissolve a few granules in a bottle of water.

The rapid reaction is due to the contact of the granules with the oral mucous membrane, which is highly vascularized. The remedy can be administered several times, increasing the intervals once improvement occurs.

Ent pathologies and homeopathy

The ENT sphere (throat infections, otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, …) is an obvious field of application for homeopathy. It is however essential to distinguish between acute phases and chronicity. This is for the practitioner to establish.

Cure Fever with homeopathy

Fever is the sign of an infection that can be viral or bacterial. It is the body’s natural defence system for fighting off an aggression. A mild fever can be effectively managed with the appropriate homeopathic remedy. However one must be vigilant if the fever reaches 39°C (or more) or if other symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting or stiffness in the neck appear, in which case it is important to promptly seek medical care.

Homeopathic reference books contain summary tables representing different modalities accompanying the fever such as agitation, thirst, perspiration, … These can orient us towards the correct remedy.

Stress, anguish and anxiety: think about homeopathy

The stress that our body is subject to has different causes: mourning, separation, fear, anguish, shock, inhibitions, repressed anger and many more. All these reactions can lead to different pathologies. Although we are not always able affect the cause itself, homeopathy allows us to assist the way in which our body reacts to it by re-establishing balance and correcting the symptoms that appeared after these events.

Treat Herpes with homeopathy

Herpes responds to homeopathic treatment very well, as long as we are capable of observing ourselves in order to understand when the eruptions occur. Certain remedies are very efficient.

Fight Insomnia with homeopathy

Sleep disturbances are also improved by homeopathy.

We distinguish between different types of insomnia: difficulty falling asleep; frequent waking; inability to sleep beyond a certain hour; … All these patterns must be taken into consideration in order to find the remedy, which will be different depending on the modality.

Allergies responds to homeopathy very well

30% of the population of Europe is affected by allergies. Besides the well-known spring pollen allergies, one shouldn’t underestimate allergic reactions due to dust mites and molds. Homeopathy has very good results with ailments such as allergic rhinitis or asthma.

It is also important to avoid overheating rooms and to air them regularly.

The efficiency of quail’s egg in allergic phenomena has been amply demonstrated and widely patented.

Shocks and contusions think about homeopathy

Incases of trauma, it is good to get into the habit of reaching for a homeopathic remedy, which, contrary to some beliefs, can also act rapidly.

Everyone knows the universal remedy for injuries, which can also be used for physical and emotional trauma (accidents, surgery, childbirth, …)

Injuries such as sprains, cramps or bruises require more specific remedies.

It is very useful to have a homeopathic kit on hand containing the 5 essential remedies for sports and outdoor activities (like hiking for instance). They can be very helpful in an emergency… and take up no space!