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Homeopathic experts affiliated with the Schmidt-Nagel laboratory

Dr Didier Grandgeorge, Dr Agnès Flour, Dr Jean-Yves Henry

The Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory maintains an active working relationship and an on-going dialogue with several renowned experts in the field of homeopathy.

Dr Didier Grandgeorge

Born in 1950, he is one of the leaders of French homeopathy. He graduated from medical school in 1980 and studied homeopathy at the École Hahnemannienne du Dauphiné-Savoie under the supervision of Drs Bourgarit and Demangeat. He has been the president of the École Hahnemannienne de Fréjus since 1980. He teaches homeopathy at the medical faculty of the University of Marseille. He specializes in treating children and is the author of many books on homeopathy, among which “The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicine”. Dr Grandgeorge is one of the most important homeopathic clinicians today, with over 30 years experience working with children, including severe cases. His concise and relevant case studies are always very impressive.

Dr Agnès Flour

Dr Agnès Flour is a committed researcher specializing in homeopathic stocks. After studying dermatology (she was an intern at the Hôpitaux de Paris in 1984), she trained in unicist homeopathy (1991-2003). Since 2002 Dr Flour has been devoting herself entirely to classical homeopathic research.
Agnès Flour is a member of the INHF-Paris (French National Homeopathic Institute) as well as the “La Salicaire” botanical society. She has described her work in many books (“La Genèse du cancer / Carcinosinum” ; “Zincum metallicum / Platina” ; “Araignées et Homéopathie / Serpents et Homéopathie” ; “Conium maculatum” ; « Palladium et Hahnemann »).

Dr Jean-Yves Henri

Dr Jean-Yves HENRYwas born in Paris in 1947. He holds a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Bordeaux (1972). He then specialized in nuclear medicine at the Atomic Energy Commission in Saclay, where he became interested in compartmental analysis, modelling and biomedical research in general.
Between 1974 and 1983 he worked as a general practitioner in Marseille. During those ten years, faced with the limitations of allopathy, especially with regard to chronic diseases, he continued expanding his classical training through numerous courses in “complementary medicine”, including homeopathy and acupuncture.
In 1984 he received a grant for studying computer programming in the United States. There he became familiar with the ideas of homeopaths little known in Europe (E.C. Whitmont and G.R. Henshaw).

Back in Europe, he held different medical positions from 1986 to 2000 while perfecting his knowledge in botany with Prof. A. Raynal-Roques (Museum of Natural History in Paris) and Dr. B. Vial. With Gérard Ducerf, he hosted classes on medicinal plants at the Beaujeu School of Agrobiology.

In 2001 he settled down in Switzerland (Canton of Vaud). He published several medical books (“Matière Médicale diathésique” and “Répertoire de Médecine intégrée”) and developed a special homeopathic repertorization software based on an arborized self-assessment questionnaire, “SYNERGIE 2000”. He and his spouse co-ordinated a programme in psychosomatics at the Institute of Medicine and Humanities in Lausanne. He continued deepening his knowledge in the field of dietetics and micro-nutrition (Insudiet laboratory in France and Phytolis in Geneva). He also developed a diet software (EQUILIBRE).
The discovery by Dr Jean-Yves Henry and his psychologist wife of an order inherent to homeopathic Materia Medica is probably one of their most innovative achievements.