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Homeopathic remedies

Unitary and Complex remedies

Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory’s ultimate goal is to make quality homeopathic products available for preventing and treating illnesses in men, women and children.

Homeopathy distinguishes Unitary and Complex remedies.

What is a Unitary remedy?

In a Unitary or single remedy, the granules are impregnated with a single substance or stock.

Classical or unicist homeopaths consider that unitary remedies are more efficient because substances cannot interfere with each other. The difficulty lies in identifying the remedy corresponding to each patient’s case. In order to do this, homeopaths use a method known as repertorization. This enables the skilled and experienced practitioner to identify the correct remedy among thousands of potential stocks. This technique is considered to be the pinnacle of homeopathic practice.

What is a Complex remedy?

A Complex or combination remedy is a mixture of two or more homeopathic stocks for treating a condition in the broadest and simplest possible way, without needing to address each individual’s specific case.

For the general treatment of rhinitis, for instance, it is possible to use a complex associating the stocks that are known to be the most effective in relieving that specific condition.

However a complex cannot combine too many stocks, or any which ones, because they might counteract each other. In general, combination remedies don’t contain more than three substances.

This kind of remedy, which is commercially available on the market (nom spécifique, marketing, publicité,…) can be useful as a first step or in an emergency, before consulting a practitioner in order to refine the diagnosis and the treatment. It can therefore be useful to have a selection of combination remedies on hand at home.

Schmidt-Nagel homeopathic stocks and products

Our laboratory disposes of a great variety of stocks, one of the largest in the world. We are currently able to offer over 1’700 homeopathic stocks, ranging from the most familiar to the rarest.

Furthermore, we produce three types of dilutions: hahnemannian (CH), korsakovian (K) and fifty-millesimal (LM).

Our products come in the following galenic forms:

  • Granules and globules (the vast majority of homeopathic remedies are taken in this form)
  • Oral drops
  • Phials
  • Suppositories
  • Creams and ointments
  • Triturations

Our granules are exclusively made of sucrose and are therefore exempt of lactose.

We also produce granules made of xylitol for diabetics or people with sucrose intolerance.

We have set up a unique organisation enabling us to serve our customers in two different ways:

  • A substantial number of unitary remedies is continuously available (stock and continual production)
  • We also make specific preparations on demand. These magistral preparations are generally prescribed by a practitioner for a particular patient.

The whole range of our products can be found under the Schmidt-Nagel nomenclature

Mother tinctures, glycerinated macerates 1DH and Schüssler salts can also be supplied in magistral preparations.