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Oligo-elements are essential for our organism

Oligotherapy : a good complement for homeopathy

Oligotherapy, a therapeutic practice based on the use of oligo-elements, can be an excellent complement to homeopathy.

The need of oligo-elements

Oligo-elements are pure trace minerals that are present in the organism in minute quantities. They are necessary for the development of animal and vegetal life.

Although they represent a barely quantifiable part of the human constitution, they are essential for our metabolic balance. They are the catalysts of our organism’s biological functions.

Oligo-elements deficiencies

The amounts of trace elements needed by our organism are different for each element.
Deficiencies can result from various causes:

  • unbalanced diet;
  • excessive physical effort, fatigue, pregnancy;
  • specific pathologies;
  • poor assimilation, obstructions.

Elements and requirements

Symbol Element Concentration (mg/litre)
Ag Silver 20.8
Au Gold 2.5
Bi Bismuth 87
Ca Calcium 400.0
Co Cobalt 100.0
Cr Chrome 2.0
Cu Copper 60.0
F Fluorine 200.0
Fe Iron 450.0
I Iodine 15.0
K Potassium 400.0
Li Lithium 2000.0
Mg Magnesium 400.0
Mn Manganese 300.0
Mo Molybdenum 2.0
Ni Nickel 71
P Phosphorus 400.0
S Sulphur 150.0
Se Selenium 8.1
Si Silicon 150.0
V Vanadium 2.6
Zn Zinc 300.0